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Implosions are rumored to hold some interest, or Depth test II Debriefing Stage

I finally have some footage to show. :)

The Video is filmed at 90 frames per second, but played at 24 frames per second. so Slo-mo.

Skip ahead to 14:49 10 sec before the 2.6 endcap fails. The estimated depth is 147m! Nice!

The Next point skip to is 19:52. At 180m, the 1/2" endcap made from 2 x 1/4" disks fails 10 seconds from that point.(at 20:02) If you watch closely you will see the face seal being forced out just before the implosion.

More info on

Posted by Darcy Paulin on July 28, 2014 at 2:00pm

Tether Reel Belt

Patrick shows off his tether reel belt clip he designed. Making it easier for the ROV to be operated by a single person. 

His designs can be found here:

Posted by David Lang on July 28, 2014 at 12:43pm — 2 Comments

What I'm up to...

Posted by Carsten Klarborg Larsen on July 27, 2014 at 2:37am


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Bob Anderson commented on Bob Anderson's blog post Acoustic Modems, Location, and Pingers
"My 30 year old scope blew up in a puff of smoke this weekend so I couldn't look at the waveform.  It looks like you eventually got the whole listing. It is down a bit in the arduino URL.  What I posted is what I…"
Scott W commented on Bob Anderson's blog post Acoustic Modems, Location, and Pingers
"Jim / Bob et al Just as a small adder (remember my electronics is not great I can sort of read the circuits and half understand what they are doing) I would look at a large capacitor (Super Capacitor??) in the transmit circuit acting as a storage…"

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