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DST-700+ motors for salt water (Mark motors part 3)

Before(on the left) and after photo of the Turnigy DST-700 with Marks latest potting procedure.

Hello ROVers,

I live down near Monterey so I'm only really interested in a sturdy salt water ROV. Mark has been nice enough to help out with motor trials to make that happen. (see previous posts here and here) Previously we were using the stock OpenROV 2.6 motor and a 3d printed mold. This latest test was done using the DST-700 motors by turnigy, renamed the DST-700+ for their upgraded bushings and potting along with some tape.…


Posted by Matthew Valancy on April 15, 2014 at 1:17pm — 2 Comments

Development Call on Friday 4/18

We're having another development call this Friday. Please feel free to join us. If you want to get an invite to the call, please RSVP here:

Posted by David Lang on April 14, 2014 at 4:54pm — 1 Comment

Dedicated audio server for ROV using Pi and Wolfson Audio board


Continuing my previous post on adding streaming audio from the ROV using icecast and darkice2 I have tried again! This time using a raspberry pi and a wolfson sound card that plugs in to the pi. It looks pretty good so far. The bad audio latency and buffer underrun problems I had before trying to pull from the webcam mic with the beaglebone are gone, and I boosted up the quality to 44khz and 128kbit. It will need a test streaming some music from an audio input like a CD player or Ipod though to really see what's going on but the delay is down to…


Posted by Matthew Valancy on April 12, 2014 at 11:00pm — 4 Comments

OpenROVs for Education, Exploration, and a SJSU Analogue Mission to Europa



Our collective human desire to explore and expand draws us into developing engineering solutions to the difficult problems of space travel, exploration and colonization. In order to succeed at such grand endeavors, we need the support equipment to aid us in discovery; determining the environments and analyzing hazards to fulfill mission objectives. Our scientific investigation of our planetary neighbors not only draws us in this push outward, but has given us unprecedented ability to understand our own planetary processes. The development of planetary bodies, the evolution of planetary systems, and the habitability of foreign environments interest us in our search for knowledge of the cosmos.

One planetary body of great interest is the icy moon of Europa. Why? One reason, water.

Without posting a treaties on the need to explore a world covered in ice, encasing a secretive subsurface ocean,…


Posted by Jim N. on April 10, 2014 at 7:44am


OpenROV is a DIY community centered around underwater robots for exploration & adventure. We're a group of amateur and professional ROV builders and operators from over 50 countries who have a passion for exploring the deep.

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"22:00 --> What hour ? Kind Regards"
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Matthew Valancy commented on Mark Pereyda's blog post Epoxy filling method for brushless motors
"For people following along with Marks motors there are two new related posts available here(part 3) and here(part 2 with video playlist)."
7 hours ago
Matthew Valancy commented on Matthew Valancy's blog post DST-700+ motors for salt water (Mark motors part 3)
"I think he is making a run of bushings. We did a similar process on the stock ones as well (my ROV has one of those that is really nice). The stock motors won't fit the new bushings though because they are a different size I believe."
13 hours ago
Chris commented on Matthew Valancy's blog post DST-700+ motors for salt water (Mark motors part 3)
"This is what I was thinking of doing to my stock motors.   Any reason why it shouldn't work? Instead of using epoxy, I was going to use a two part resin.    How would I get hold of some of Marks bearings for the stock…"
13 hours ago

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