OpenROV is a open-source underwater robot. But it's so much more. It's also a community of people who are working together to create more accessible, affordable, and awesome tools for underwater exploration.

The backbone of the project is the global community of DIY ocean explorers who are working, tinkering and improving the OpenROV design. The community ranges from professional ocean engineers to hobbyists, software developers to students. It's a welcoming community and everyone's feedback and input is valued.

The project started in a garage in Cupertino, with a few guys who wanted to explore an underwater cave.  After finding a global community of co-developers on Kickstarter, the project has evolved into a network of connected devices, exploring the oceans and lakes of the world. 

You're welcome to join us! Either by building your own ROV or contributing on the forums. No prior experience necessary.

 Questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us at Info@OpenROV.com.




Specs: Version 2.3

Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Depth rating: Goal of 100m. Tested to 25m so far.
Speed: 1m/sec
Power: 8 onboard C batteries

Design: Version 2.3
Body construction: Laser cut acrylic
Buoyancy: Inherently neutrally buoyant
Propulsion: 3 brushless motors (2 horizontal thrusters, 1 vertical thruster)
Tether: 1 single twisted pair communicating 10 megabit ethernet data for control and video
Control: Onboard embedded linux computer (beagleboard brand) controlled via remote web browser
Vision: Forward facing HD USB webcam and two 87lm LED light arrays on servo-tiltable platform
Design considerations: Completely open source / open hardware, off the shelf parts, small enough to test in a bathtub, kit can be assembled in one weekend, standardized payload bay.

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