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Communication problems using Homeplug Adapters

I´m testing the communication between the computer and the ROV, I connected the usb cable from the TOP SIDE BOX to the computer and I saw…

Started by Jorge Said

4 10 hours ago
Reply by Walt Holm

Alternative to Optical fiber slip ring approach

My name is David I am in my final year of robotic engineering in college. For my final year i have been given a project to complete in term…

Started by David L

9 14 hours ago
Reply by Bob Anderson

Inductive Coil for Detachable Tether

The Idea is to use 2 pair of Coils, on the ROV and at the end of the tether, so that you can remove the tether from the ROV. A concern rai…

Started by Darcy Paulin

0 on Monday

Tether extension

Is it possible to just solder on and waterproofing an additional length of tether? lets say so it is 150 or 200 metres in total length?

Started by Tom-Vidar Salangli

1 on Friday
Reply by Walt Holm

Homeplug to Tenda

I've been reading the forums and cannot ascertain why homeplugs were abandoned in favor of the tenda...am I understanding correctly?  Might…

Started by Marius Antares

2 Apr 1
Reply by Colin Ho

Tether material testing and wet plugs

There has been mention of testing different tethers and also wet plugs. Is there some place where testing data has been aggregated? I see m…

Started by Brett Forsyth

5 Mar 14
Reply by Walt Holm

Electrical Slip Ring for the Tether

I thought it would be good to start a Discussion on an Electrical Slip Ring so that the tether can be put on  a spool and unwound as needed…

Started by David Murphy

25 Mar 12
Reply by Ryan

thinking of sending DC voltage down cable

looking at sending DC voltage down my extra 2 pair of wire in the CAT 5E cable   info on wire cat 5e cable, stranded (max length 100m) 22 ‐…

Started by John Stager

12 Feb 17
Reply by Georg Seema

Fiber optic

With both the Madiea(sp) and James Cammron`s  Challenger Deep sub  both uses a single strand fiber optic  for data / control in full duplex…

Started by evilmacaw

3 Feb 15
Reply by Bob Anderson

Teardown of a HomePlug Adapter

So numerous people within the OpenROV project have mentioned to me that some flavor of Ethernet-over-Powerline (say, HomePlug AV or IEEE 19…

Started by Walt Holm

100 Feb 2
Reply by quantumquark


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